• No two arrangements are the same. photo is an example of size , style and colour but specific seasonal flowers may differ. 
  • Orders online placed after 3pm will be sent the following day. 
  • If you have an urgent enquiry or desperately need to make it up to someone please contact the studio and we will see what we can do. 
  • Orders made on a Saturday after 12 noon will be sent on Monday. 
  • We do not open on Sundays or bank holidays. 
  • Our delivery hours are between 9am and 4pm unless specifically requested. 
  • Full name address and contact details for the recipient and sender are required. 
  • If recipient is not at the address the bouquet will be returned and re delivery will be attempted in 24 hours at an additional cost. 
  • Life expectancy of the flowers is between 3-5 days as we work with British, often organic flowers pumped with less hormones to keep them alive.
  • All feedback must be received within 24 hours of the delivery.
  • We do not accept any responsibility for the flowers once they have reached the post rooms of a commercial address.
  • Cancellation of your order must me made before 9am on the day of delivery for you to be eligible for a refund.